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Further processing by the specialist - Our machine concept.

In our view the technical implementation of further processing is just as much part of the overall concept, which is why we have been involved in the design and building of complete plants for the further processing of our plastic packagings.
The use of our machines at AMCAPHARM GmbH has provided us with extensive know-how in the production of all types of suppositories on the market. To offer you a complete product range we now produce fitted boiler with a capacity of 500 up to 2000 liters, which include a colloid mill on request.
With our knowledge and experience we can supply technical solutions for specific customer requirements, e.g. the filling of unit-dose packaging for liquids or the construction of machinery for the further processing of special shapes.
The machines are specially designed for the optimal processing of CP-CITOPAC containers, but containers from other companies can also be processed.
Fitted boiler with a capacity of 50 up to 2000 liters (including a colloid mill on request), single-, filling- and sealingmaschines on request.

About Engineering

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Extensive experience in the production of suppositories
  • Machines which meet all the latest standards and safety regulations
  • Competent service, after-sales support and supply of replacement parts
  • Customised solutions

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