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The FKS-10CP – when top performance is required

The FKS-10CP suppository filling, cooling and sealing equipment for pre-formed moulded plastic packaging for suppositories. The CP-CITOPAC FKS-10CP is designed for non-stop use with the highest of operational demands. It is compact and carefully constructed using a combination of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, viton and Teflon. FKS-10CP
  The FKS-10CP at a glance
 FKS-10CP 2
  • Quantity flexibility for up to 10,000 units per hour
  • Unlimited adjustability of all processes and parameters
  • Consistent cooling with air circulation process
  • Modular design principle: arrangement of components in line or in a “U” or “L” shape
  • Flexible coding using dry printing or inkjet
  • CE mark
  • Operational qualification provided on request

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